2 Steps to Solve Unreadable SD Card on Your Android

SD card becomes the absolute facility in today’s phone especially android. SD card is not only functioned to save some external data of your phone such as MP3 music format, docs, etc but also functioned to be the other space for your android internal memory to keep the data such as cache, or even apps’ data. But often, we face some problems in our SD card such as unreadable memory card. It’s sometimes disturbing our activity because we cannot open the files we save on the device. Today we will learn of how to solve the unreadable SD card on our android phone. Actually it only 4 steps and you can choose those to get your unreadable SD card solved!


a) Clean up the SD card

The first step that you can do to solve your undetected SD card is by cleaning it. You can discard your memory card from your android phone. But before you do it, please ensure that you have switched the device off. Clean up the copper plates by using a pencil eraser (the color of the eraser should be white). Rub it slowly until the entire surface is clean. If you have ensured that the SD card especially on the copper plates have been clean, you can insert the SD card again into your android phone.

After that, switch on your android phone, go to “Setting” menu, select “Storage” and please check whether there has been an external memory or not on that menu. If it exists, it means it is successful. If you want to have a faster way, you can go directly to your Gallery. If you save some of your pictures on your SD card, it should be detected directly once you open the Gallery. If the photos appear on the Gallery, it means it is successful.

b) Formatting the SD card through the phone

Get into the Setting menu > Storage. In Storage menu, you can find an option namely “Erase SD card”. After the SD card has been formatted, please switched off your android phone, eject the SD card and re-insert the SD card and then switch on again the android phone. If it is detected, it means it is successful (but the consequence is the files in SD card will be gone/zero).

There are many ways actually to solve your undetected SD card on your android phone, but both ways above are the easiest way to be practiced. Hopefully the tutorial will be so much helpful!

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